Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cliff Notes: Thursday, May 1 2008

Happy May everyone. Only 4 more months until Brett Favre comes back and John Madden has a heart attack.

-And the Celtics shut up everyone. With a convincing victory over the Hawks, Boston is in a great position to advance to the next round. I wonder if ESPN will still have their "We want Boston to win, but we have to act like Atlanta has a chance to create drama" segments

-The Wizards made it a series, squeaking out a one-point win over the Cavs. Lebron took the last shot and they lost. Last game, he didn't take the last shot and they won. It's funny, because this time last year, there was some game where Lebron passed it to Damon Jones who missed a buzzer 3. Everyone was getting on him for that. Where's the uproar this time around?

-Since the Yankees put Phil Hughes on the DL for a strained whatever, they now have an excuse for him sucking. No word yet on what they will put Jason Giambi on the DL for.

-The most important question on everyone's mind this morning: "Does Micah Owings home run count for my fantasy stats?" In all seriousness, imagine if he stunk as a pitcher, and was switched midseason to an outfielder or something. What would fantasy leagues do? Or what if they decide to have him play a position during non-pitching days? Would his hitting stats count then? With the economy in a recession, this is the garbage I am thinking about.

-In one of the scarier stories, Sean Avery was sent to the hospital after lacerating his spleen following the Rangers Game 3 loss to the Penguins. In a related story, the NHL met to impose a rule giving players a four-minute penalty for lacerating their spleen.

-I am very glad Liverpool lost to Chelsea in the Champions League. I have Liverpool.

-What to watch for tonight: Nate Robertson and Ian Kennedy battle it out in the "Damnit, we both could be good, but we both suck" game. And the NHL must love that they have two Game 4's that feature 3-0 series leads.

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