Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cliff Notes: Tuesday, May 6 2008

Hillary and Barack battle for 189 delegates tonight. I say they settle it in a Best-of-3 Scrabble competition. Is Lewinsky a valid word?

The Winners

-Pistons, Hornets

The Important Stuff

-What is wrong with the Spurs? After getting beaten again, San Antonio is now down 2-0 to the Hornets. I think we should consider electing Chris Paul as our President. He certainly knows how to be a leader.

-Did you really think the Magic had a chance?

-Dice-K walked eight batters and still found a way to lead Boston to a 6-3 win over Detroit. After the game, Hideki Irabu was seen taking off a Matsuzaka jersey.

-Speaking of Detroit, it shook things up by getting rid of Jacque Jones. Raise your hand if you knew Jacque Jones was still in the majors. Anyone?

The Stupid Stuff

-Jamie Moyer out duels Max Scherzer. Hahahahhaha.

The Awards

-The "Rob Deer" award goes to Richie Sexson, who hit his 7th HR this season. It's good to see Sexson back to his 35 HRs and .215 batting average.

What to Watch for Tonight

-The Celtics/Cavs series is a must see. So is the Cubs/Reds, where Zambrano and Harang duel it out. I'm also curious to see Sidney Ponson act like he's a good pitcher.

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