Friday, May 2, 2008

Picks of the Night

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Washington Wizards
ESPN2 7:00pm

Cleveland Cavaliers+4.5

I just have 1 word for this pick. Lebron. This is a gut bet. I really feel that Lebron is pissed off at allowing the Cavs blow a 5 point lead with a 1:30 left and letting the Wizards steal Game 5. Let's face it, these are two average teams, either of which will probably lose in the next round. I just have a huge man-crush on Lebron and feel that it is over tonight. This game is going to be extremely close, but I think the Cavs will pull it out, or at least cover the spread.

Final Score: 104-98 Cavs

Boston Celtics @ Atlanta Hawks
ESPN 8:00pm

Boston Celtics -8

Okay joke's over. Yes the Hawks won their home games (the main reason this spread is so low) but the Celts have seen the light and are going to blow out the Hawks. Remember, this is a Hawks team who finished the season 37-45. The last time this team was even .500 was when they were 18-18. The only thing that might get in the Celt's way is Josh Childress' afro. Other than that, this is going to be a blowout.

Final Score: 102-84 Celts

Houston Rockets @ Utah Jazz
ESPN 10:30pm

Houston +7.5

I think this is going to be the best game of the series. T-Mac, a perennial 1st round exiter, is going to have a big game. Since losing their star center, this team has shown a lot of heart, especially down the stretch. Granted, they are playing the Jazz in SLC, a place that no team in the NBA can win at, but I think their pride is at stake. This is a very weird bet because I think the Rockets are still going to lose. Utah is too strong and too good, and being at home just gives them a huge advantage.

I just feel that this game is going down to the wire, with the better team finishing off the series at home. I have a gut feeling that the game is going to come down to a final shot. However that shot rolls, is in the hands of God.

Final Score: 94-91 Utah

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The Sherm said...

Lebron is Lebron, but the Cavs are a terrible road team. I see the Wizards winning this one at home

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