Friday, May 2, 2008

One Sentence to describe...The Kentucky Derby

Does anyone really care about The Kentucky Derby? Or do people care about getting drunk and gambling?

I asked our esteemed panel of writers to describe The Kentucky Derby in one sentence. Here's what they came up.

The Flying Murino

Nascar featuring horses and short guys with whiny voices."

Xavier Hutchinson

"Oh, shit, we have to cover horse racing like it's actually a big deal!"


"The Kentucky Derby is not worth writing a sentence about."

Turd Burglar (Editors Note: He gave me two responses because he knew neither would be funny, so he figured a 1/2 laugh each would suffice. Sure enough, neither were funny)

"Its like the Home Run Derby only it has Horses and no Home Runs."
"Kentucky derby...only slightly better than the roller derby."

Crump Man

"The only time when a midget can be a sports star."

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