Thursday, May 1, 2008

Poor Avery Johnson

Earlier this week, exceptional coach Avery Johnson was unfairly fired by constantly outspoken Mark Cuban and others from the Dallas Mavericks orginization.


Johnson, who coached 3 full seasons for the Mavs took them to the playoffs all 3 years and boasted a 178-68 record in those 3 years. This included a franchise-best record in the 06-07 season with a 67-15 record, and a trip to the NBA finals. Yes, they had an extremely disappointing loss in the first round to the below-average Golden State Warriors, but come on it's just one series.

This year, with another early exit to the playoffs, a series where they were plainly overmatched and outskilled, was again not Avery's fault. It was the lack of effort on the court, and the terrible signing of Jason Kidd during the season. Also that him and Josh Howard smoked too much pot before the series.

Avery Johnson was not happy with his firing, as most coaches are not. And he shouldn't be. As one of the better coaches in the NBA in the past few years, the Mavs orginization made another blunder for their team. As a Mark Cuban fan, I think he is majorly screwing up this team, and possibly devastating a franchise that just recently pulled itself out of the gutter.

Avery Johnson is the best option to coach the Mavs next year, and there are no other coaches available right now that could do a better job.

Unless of course they hire Pat Riley.

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