Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Four Questions....on Fantasy Baseball

With the Fantasy Baseball season a month old, I think it is time to answer some glaring fantasy baseball questions.

1) If you had to do the first round of a draft over again, what do you think would be different?
*Well, I still think A-Rod is the first pick in the draft. He's going to hit 40 HRs. But, I can see Hanley Ramirez entering the argument. Reyes would have to drop, because of his streakyness and low average. I wouldn't drop him more than 6th or 7th though. Obviously Rollins would fall out, and I would slip Carl Crawford or B.J. Upton in there. And Johan Santana belongs there as well. He usually sucks in April, but he's been quite great.

2) Is (fill in the blank) for real?
*Well let's go through some of them.
-Pat Burrell will hit 35 HRs.
-Emil Brown will be lucky to reach 70 RBIs
-Xavier Nady hits 20 HRs, nothing more.
-Joe Crede is benched by August.
-Nate McLouth Hits 25 HRs, steals 25 bases.
-Mark Reynolds just misses 30 HRs, eclipses 100 RBIs
-Cliff Lee won't be in the rotation by September. Neither will Carlos Silva.
-Adam Wainwright becomes a Top 15 pitcher.
-Todd Wellemeyer has a 4.00 ERA, and strikes out 150.
-Johnny Cueto will be a roller coaster, while Edison Volquez will walk a lot of batters but win 15.

3) Out of the early season strugglers, who are you most concerned with?
*Besides your DL guys, there's a few that jump out at me. I am worried about David Ortiz, because he seems to be aging pretty fast. I would try to trade him if I could. I think Gary Sheffield is near done. And he doesn't have much trade value to begin with. Andrew Jones is slow, fat, and not motivated. I also think that Carlos Beltran will be more of a headache than a performer.
*As for pitchers, Roy Oswalt has steadily been declining. He doesn't look right to me. A.J. Burnett has talent, but I just sense inconsistency or a few DL trips. Trevor Hoffman's ERA will stay in Todd Jones territory the whole season

4) Who should I pick up off my free agent wire?
*Here's a list of free agents in most leagues who will be better than servicable the rest of the year
C-Chris Snyder
1B-Lyle Overbay
2B-Eugenio Velez
SS-Erik Aybar
3B-Pedro Feliz
OF-Mike Cameron, Fred Lewis
SP-Aaron Cook, Nick Blackburn
RP-Heath Bell


Crump Man said...

Joe Crede is winning AL MVP

Mike Podhorzer said...

EdiNson Volquez for Cy Young.

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