Monday, May 5, 2008

Top 10...Signs You're a Fantasy Baseball Addict.

1) Your draft day has more buildup than your birthday. You countdown until the day when you can sit by your computer and click your mouse 25 times. You buy beer, order food, and get goosebumps as the draft begins.

2) You talk about your team as if they were your own sons, referring to your players as "My boys." You also talk about your players to other people that ignore 90% of what you say.

3) April 1st, Alex Rodriguez goes 0-for-4. April 2nd, you trade Alex Rodriguez.

4) April 1st, Paul Bako goes 4-for-4 with a HR. April 2nd, you trade Alex Rodriguez for Paul Bako.

5) You tell your friends you cant hang out because you're busy. You're really sitting home watching your pitcher pitch.

6) When you're watching that pitcher pitch, you are really watching the CBS Sportsline Scoreboard and ESPN Scoreboard while reading After your pitcher throws a strike to start the game, you give a little fist pump.

7) You start dating your girlfriend at the beginning of May. After your team falls from 2nd to 5th within the next four weeks, you proceed to breakup with your girlfriend.

8) You can rattle off Greg Zaun's season-by-season stats from 2004-2008.

9) Your fantasy staff ace Roy Halladay is facing your favorite team, the Boston Red Sox. Halladay allows a grand slam to David Ortiz. You stand up and scream out "Damnit", then look around and make sure no one heard you.

10) After the season ends, you shed tears reflecting on the journey that was.

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Eric Mack said...

Outstanding... love the plug!

Neato Torpedo said...

Greg Zaun? GREG ZAUN? Surely you mean Gregg Zaun! Come on, it's like calling Zack Greinke "Zach". I demand that the author of the article be fired!

The Sherm said...

Damnit, how could I forget to spell Gregg Zaun's name correct. I guess I should put down this.

11) You know how to spell Gregg Zaun's name correctly and point out to people who misspell it.

Neato Torpedo said...

Buddy, you're hardly the first.

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