Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dream Scenario: Who would you choose to start your NBA Franchise?

The NBA decided to start over and have a draft. Every player is put into the draft pool.

Your the GM of the New York Knicks. David Stern does one of those stupid lotteries with those extra large envelopes that look like a UFO. He puts his hand in the extra large box with the extra large envelopes, and bam, the Knicks are given the first pick. All hell breaks loose. The city of New York goes into one big frenzy.

But who the hell do you start your franchise with? Here's the possibilities...

Players who are sitting right outside the Top 5: Tim Duncan, Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant.

5) Dwight Howard: He's far and away the best young big man in the NBA today. He quickly became one of the best rebounders and is an absolute beast. He ignites a crowd with his thunderous dunks. He's also really young (23). Unfortunately, Howard is not going to be the guy you rely on with 2 minutes left in a game. Howard needs to be the compliment to a great guard. But I could not see myself taking him.

4) Dirk Nowitzki: One of the best mid-range shooters in the business. He does everything and them some. Anytime a big man can hit a 3, it causes huge matchup problems. But, Nowitzki has never won anything before. His defense is extremely questionable and he tends to dissapear when you need someone to pick your team up. If Nowitzki leads your team, don't expect to win a championship.

3) Chris Paul: Excellent passer who can make other guys better. He's also the best scoring PG not named Steve Nash. He's fast, agile and can lift a team up when they are down. I personally think when it is all said and done, we will remember him as a Top 5 PG of all time. Yes, of all time. I am that confident in him. But another iffy defensive player. To top it off, Paul has yet to be down 2-0 in a series or given you that "Wow, did he just have that game" moment.

2) Kobe Bryant: He will take the last shot. He will thrive in the final minutes of games. He will do everything he can to pull your team down from 20. You know he's going to be the guy. My problems with him? There's still this weird cloud hanging over him. Maybe it's his arrogance, maybe it is that whole situation he had in Colorado a few years ago. I want my fans to love my star player, not feel like they have to love him. He's also going to be 30, which is old next to my No. 1.

1) Lebron James: The King does everything. You can surround him with 4 versions of Lucious Harris and he will still lead you to the playoffs. He sells tickets, jerseys, foam fingers, and anything else with his face on it. He does the scoring, the rebounding, the passing, and sometimes all in one single play. He's built like a football player yet flies like a jet. He is the best player in the NBA, and is everything you want in your franchise player. This is the guy I want.

"Starting for the Knicks...Shooting Guard...Number 23, Lebronnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Jamessssssssssssssssss!"


McElroy said...

You put Melo in the top 10 before Garnett? What kind of sports site are you trying to run here Sherm?

The Sherm said...

Haha, Garnett tried being the man, and he couldn't get out of the first round.

Crump Man said...

I dont know if that's Pat Mcelroy, my friend from 15 years ago, but he's absolutely right.

Melo is a pure scorer, can't play defense for his life. Garnett is a much better mid-range shooter and plays unbelievable defense.

Melo is also the biggest fucking whiner i've ever heard, stop fucking smiling about everything Melo and play the game.

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