Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Where in the World is Lebron James?

I'm just going to get this out in the open.

Last night's Cavs-Celts game was the worst basketball game I have ever seen. EVER.
It was by far the must frustrating offensive, or lack of offensive, game I have ever sat through. Neither team could go on a run to put the other away, and there was absolutely no flow throughout. The game began with an easy layup from who else but Lebron James. He wouldn't hit another field goal until the 4th quarter. Which poses the question...

Where in the world is Lebron James?

Let's forget that he went 2-18 last night from the field, but focus on the fact that he had 10 turnovers, in his worst playoff game ever. Actually, it's the 2nd worst turnover rate by a player in a playoff game, of all time! (11 is the most). What was wrong with Lebron? Early round jitters? Doubtful. Injured? No. Out drinking last night? Probably. Which poses another question...

Where in the world is Paul Pierce and Ray Allen?

They must have been out with Lebron. Ray Allen had 0 points, the first time in 852 games. Pierce finished 2-14. The only 2 players who actually had great games were Garnett and Ilgauskas, with 28 points and 20 points respectively. If these players didn't put up big numbers, the final score might have been 52-48.

I sincerely hope that this isn't the bar set for this highly anticipated series. Hopefully in Game 2 we see the dominating Lebron we're used to, and a higher scoring game.

Doc Rivers said this after the game. "This is gonna be Knicks-Heat, or Knicks-Bulls."

Don't forget DOC, if that is your real name, you guys won 17 games last year. I can't wait until Lebron turns it on. Because when that happens you are all in big, big trouble.

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The Sherm said...

Rondo needs to take more than 8 shots. I know he's not one of the big 3, but he's extremely crucial to their success. When Garnett missed games during the year, Rondo was the one who stepped it up

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