Friday, May 2, 2008

Cliff Notes: Friday, May 2 2008

The Winners

-Pistons clobber the Sixers
-NY Rangers extend the series to Game 5
-Red Wings annihilate Colorado

The Stories

-The Tigers don't suck! After sweeping the Yankees, Detroit is not 14-15. Word to the idiots out there. If you draw conclusions two weeks into the baseball season, you should be hit with a bat (Although if Jason Giambi were swinging, he'd probably miss you)

-Phil Hughes is actually hurt! After many believed that his team was crying wolf, Hughes revealed to the world that he has a more severe rib injury. This is his second big injury in as many years. Someone tell Hughes to stop hanging out with Carl Pavano.

-Tough break for the Rockies as Troy Tulowitski is out until the All-Star break. I'm thrilled that the Rockies are bad this year. Nothing gave me more of a headache last October then seeing a bunch of white towels waved around while the fans sung that stupid dance song.

-The "How the hell did this guy win a game" award goes to Sidney Ponson. After the game, I heard the Yankees were thinking of offering Ian Kennedy, Melky Cabrera, and $3 million in cash for Ponson's services.

-The "Why is this guy still in baseball and hitting HRs" award goes to Richie Sexson, who homered off some Japanese guy in extra innings.

What to watch for today: I will be in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium, watching my Yankees get shutout by Erik Bedard. I would also recommend seeing only the first two innings of the Tigers game tonight. Facing Livan Hernandez, the Tigers should score about 16 runs in the first half hour.

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Crump Man said...

Sexson's hr wasn't game winning, they lost in the bottom of the inning.

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