Monday, December 22, 2008

The Unofficial Fantasy Football Awards

I took some of the tips from my colleagues, sprinkled in my own opinions, and give to you the unofficial fantasy football awards(Note: I don’t even look at Week 17, as 99% of leagues end after Week 16 anyway

Fantasy MVP - Matt Forte
-Consistency is what comes to mind. When you draft a player, you want him to produce week in and week out. Forte did just that. No matter what type of league you were in, Forte put up yards and TDs. There were no completely dominate players this season, but Forte was someone you plugged in and just knew what he was going to do

"Consistency is what wins in Fantasy and he has been consistently great all season long" –Pods

Honorable Mention: Drew Brees (Gave you stability and a ton of points at the QB position)

Fantasy Bust - Willis McGahee
-When I think of busts, injuries do not count(Sorry, Tom Brady was not considered). You have to play pretty much every Sunday, you have to be drafted in the first two rounds, and you have to stink. Well, McGahee did just that. Look, McGahee did have three good games. But in between, he threw up some clunkers. He had five games of 50 yards or less. He also had the dreaded DNP (He had two decent games in a row, was ruled active for Week 9, and didn’t even register a carry). McGahee was awful in every sense of the word.
Honorable Mention: Braylon Edwards (He played every game and had seven games under 40 yards receiving. I would have put Addai here, but he did sit out three games and DNP’d and was ruled a backup in a fourth, so you could have put in someone else then

Surprise of the Year - DeAngelo Williams
-This guy was probably on many "Do not Draft" lists. But a strong offensive line and the drafting of Jonathan Stewart lit a fire under Williams. I would have put him as the MVP, but he really didn’t pick things up until Week 8. Williams scored 16 of his 20 TDs from Weeks 8 through 16, so he was great when teams needed it the most.

"Couldn’t get on the field last year, DOMINATED this year." –Xavier Hutchinson

Honorable Mention: Antonio Bryant (I didn’t even think of Bryant until my colleague Flying Murino brought him up. But it makes sense, since he wasn’t even that great the first half of the season)

Stumbler of the Year(Player who started off great, but fell off) - Clinton Portis
-He was a beast at the beginning of the year, highlighted by five-straight games of 100+ rushing yards. But I don’t know if it was injuries or just plain being worn down, but Portis turned sour. From Weeks 11 through 16, Portis managed just one game of 100+ rushing yards and only one total TD. I did a double take when I saw those stats. Those who sold high are looking smart
Honorable Mention: Marion Barber(After his 11-catch game in Week 6, he had only 3 total TDs and two 100-yard games the rest of the way. He also had an 8-carry, 2-yard game in Week 15 and a 2-carry, 0-yard game in Week 16. Someone fell off the table rather quickly

Most frustrating player to own - Lee Evans
-He’s on this list every year. Every year he doesn’t disappoint. You will look at his stats and go "Pretty good season" but then you look at the game logs, and it’s ugly. Four games of 30 yards or less and four games of 100+ receiving yards is all that is needed to be said. You have to play him for the potential, but yet, you want to bench him for the duds. What a mess
Honorable Mention: Santana Moss (Here were some of his yardage totals..164, 145, 140…and…0, 14, 28, and 29. Nice work Santana)

Undrafted Player of the Year - Steve Slaton
-Slaton was a Matt Forte Jr. He had 45 receptions through the first 16 weeks and also totaled nine touchdowns. Once Ahman Green was declared out for the season, it was all Slaton, and he responded. Why is he the biggest surprise? Because how many people had him on their team at the beginning of the season? He stepped it up and saved some fantasy teams. Slaton will be a very nice back for years to come
Honorable Mention: Kurt Warner (Remember, Matt Leinart was considered the starter at one point), Antonio Bryant and Lance Moore

Player You Will Never Draft Again
"Lee Evans" - I can’t stand to own someone as inconsistent as he is" – Pods
"McGahee" – Xavier Hutchinson
"David Garrard" – Flying Murino
"Jeremy Shockey" – Turd
"Ryan Grant: He doesn’t catch any balls and I cannot stand seeing 13 carries for 35 yards." – The Sherm

Sleeper for Next Year to Watch
"Tyler Thigpen baby" – Flying Murino
"Deshan Jackson" – Turd Burglar
"Peyton Hillis" – Xavier Hutchinson
"Eddie Royal" – Pods
"I’ll give you three: Matt Schaub, Kevin Smith, and..gulp..Larry Johnson" – The Sherm

No. 1 Pick Next Year - Adrian Peterson
-No matter what league you play in. He is the man.


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