Saturday, December 13, 2008

Best Bets: Week 15

I’m not a gambling man, but if I were, these are my best bets for the NFL games this weekend.

New England (-7) at Oakland

-Patriots need this one. Three weeks left in the season and a three-team tie for first in the NFL East. Matt Cassell is a concern because of his father’s death coupled with some missed practices. I can see him having a bad game. But, Oakland is miserable, and no matter who its QB is, they are done.

Prediction: New England 31, Oakland 10

Miami (-6 ½) vs. San Francisco

-See New England above. Miami needs this one. I like this game because San Francisco is pretty much done, yet has to fly cross country to play. Chad Pennington has been great this year, and Ricky Williams has been a surprise spark. I think the Niners come down from the high of beating the Jets last week. Also, did you know, five of the Dolphins wins have been by nine or more points.

Prediction: Miami 27, San Francisco 13

Tennessee (-3) at Houston

-This game has trap written all over it. How could a one-loss team only give three points? I’ve learned to go against the favorite in these type of games. Plus, the Texans have gone on a late-season run, winning three in a row. Matt Schaub is back too, and the offense is much better with him at the helm. I haven’t like the Titans all season, so maybe there is some bias. I just think they peaked too early and are going to fall apart towards the end.

Prediction: Houston 24, Tennessee 20.

Indianapolis (-17) vs. Detroit

-Detroit still needs a win, and I think they are a different team with Dan Orlovsky starting. From weeks 5 though 9, with Orlovsky under center, Detroit lost four of five games by less than ten points. Clearly he can move the ball, it’s just that the rest of the team is so bad. I think Indy struggles early in this game (Detroit has weird games where they go up early only to blow it). In the end though, Indy wins, Detroit covers.

Prediction: Indianapolis 30, Detroit 20.

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Xavier Hutchinson said...

Good job on these picks, betting master. 3-1!

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