Friday, December 19, 2008

My Holiday Sports Wish List

The Holidays are upon us! Here's a sneak peak at my holiday gift list.

1) The Cowboys and Eagles get knocked out early in the playoffs: Is anyone else sick of both of these teams? I am sick of seeing Donovan McNabb do the same thing every single season. Wow, he goes on a midseason tear, only to lose in the playoffs. I am tired of seeing Tony Romo play great when the conditions are perfect, only to do something awful in the playoffs. Please, just get rid of these two fast.

2) Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds positive steroid test results: There are sealed documents somewhere revealing positive steroid tests. Unfortunately, these documents cannot be touched unless some judge allows it. Wouldn’t we all finally be at peace knowing these two truly cheated the game?

3) Manny Ramirez signs with nobody: He doesn’t play the game right. He’s in his upper 30s. He gave up on the Red Sox. Yes, he is a wonderful hitter, but I hate him.

4) Davidson wins the NCAA Tournament: Since my former school (Rutgers) has no chance of sniffing 10 wins this season, I am aboard the Davidson bandwagon. They made a deep run last year, and brought back the same team. Stephen Curry claims the award for “Best outside shot from the past decade.” The perfect scenario would be Davidson to upset UNC in the title game.

5) Tiger Woods comes back healthy: When Tiger plays, everyone watches. When he doesn’t, no one cares. It is unbelievable to watch him, and I pay attention when he is around. Let’s just hope that the most dominant athlete in our modern era comes back the same.

6) Darren McFadden gets 200 carries next year: Did we not forget the hype? He was suppose to be Marshall Faulk Jr. But two toe injuries killed his rookie season. I just hope Oakland doesn’t stick with Justin Fargas come next season. Either way, the Raiders will still stink.

7) That after Oklahoma beats Florida in the BCS title game, the committee creates a playoff system: So let me get this straight. Texas beats Oklahoma, they both have one loss each, and yet Oklahoma makes it? It’s a travesty. College football is so hung up on making money. Hello, a playoff system would double whatever revenue they are currently making. This stubbornness has to stop!

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