Monday, December 29, 2008

The Sherm Says...

-It was another great ending to the NFL season. There was drama, chokes, and some big Week 17 performances. I think the biggest shocker was the Tampa Bay loss. No, they had been playing like garbage the past few weeks. But you would think they could win at home against the Raiders. Mark this one down: I think Jon Gruden coaches his last season for the Bucs in 2009.

-The Jets should fire their coordinators and tell Brett Favre not to come back. There's 20 other QBs I'd rather have then Favre. That was a dismal, dismal performances, and the whole ending to the season is eerily reminiscent to the Mets 2008 season.

-The Cowboys can join the "Fire the Coach" club and get rid of Wade Phillips. I thought he was awful from Day One. If he does get fired, he can put some of the blame on Tony Romo. "Big Game Tony" was a real leader yesterday.

-I think the Lions win eight games next season. I can see them doing what the Falcons/Dolphins did: Bring in a good coach, some veteran players, and improve the defense. The offense isn't that bad (Calvin Johnson is a beast and Kevin Smith had 1,250 total yards).

-I think that all four away teams will win next week. Just look at the matchups. But the home team with the best chance is Minnesota, because I just do not trust the Eagles.

-The Top 3 NBA scorers are Wade/James/Bryant. No surprise there. But what about 5, 6 and 7? That belongs to Danny Granger, Kevin Durant, and Devin Harris. Bet no one thought those three would be near the Top 10.

-Speaking of James, the Cavs are a very quiet 26-4 this season. Everyone is talking "Lakers, Celtics, Lakers, Celtics", but the Cavs have plenty going for them. Mo Williams is at 16 ppg and an astounding 96% from the free-throw line. I have a hunch that this could be Lebron's year.

-But what about the Celtics? Ray Allen is 33. Kevin Garnett is 32. Paul Piece is 31. I just have a weird feeling that they might break down at season's end.

-Have a Happy New Year!


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