Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cliff Notes: Tuesday April 29th, 2008

Everyday(or every other day, whenever I have time), I'll give an abbreviated version of yesterday's sports events. Will I talk about everything? Probably not. But I'll pick and choose the nuggets you need to know about. And if I make an error, oh well.

The Notes
-Did you ever get something stuck in your tooth, and you try to get it out, but you just can't? Well, The Atlanta Hawks have become the popcorn kernel. With their victory over the Boston Celtics, the Hawks have evened the series at two games a piece. The Hawks still have about a 20% chance of pulling off one of the biggest upsets in NBA history. But they sure seem to be playing with a lot of confidence. Game 5 should be fun.

-No surprises with the Lakers and Magic both win their series. If I am the Nuggets, I seriously consider moving Carmelo Anthony in the offseason. I feel like he brings a headache when you least need it. Plus, he's never done anything in the playoffs.

-Here we go again with Larry Brown coming back to the NBA. Why are you going back to a bad team Larry? Didn't we go through this with the Knicks. And while Larry comes back, Pat Riley has left. I personally hate Pat Riley. He recognized the Heat were going to be good, so he gets rid of Stan Van Gundy. He takes Van Gundy's team to a championship, and then they suck. So what does he do? He runs away like a little girl. Don't hit yourself on the way out Pat.

-Barry Zito sucks, we know that. The Giants decided that he sucked, and moved him to the bullpen. I guess when your fastball isn't fast and your curveball doesn't curve, your going to be moved. The question I pose to myself is would you rather pat a billion dollars to a guy who will suck for the next 4 years or would you rather pay for a guy who gets hurt and barely pitches for 4 years? I'll tell you this much. I wouldn't want Barry Zito.

-Yankees win and A-Rod gets hurt. He's got the quietest 4 HRs and whatever RBIs this season. Maybe he needs to sit a few games. He's been a lot worse than the stats say.

-And the funniest story of the year goes to Roger Clemens and Mindy McCready. First of all, who is Mindy McCready? Secondly, maybe Mindy was the supplier of the HGH? And thirdly, do you think Roger Clemens will come back this season? Clemens is a complete moron, and if he's never seen in the public again, the world would be a better place.

-If Baltimore and Chicago play a 13 inning game, and its suspended until a later date, do I get Javier Vasquez's fantasy stats from yesterday? Do I have to wait to get it until that later date? Can I trade for Vasquez and get his stats once the game is complete? I bet this is on the mind's of about 800,000 baseball fans.

What to watch for today:
The Champions League is today! That's a soccer event they play between the best team's in the world. What does it mean for the casual soccer fan? Henry
and Ronaldinho face Ronaldo and Rooney. I think Manchester United(Ronaldo and Rooney) wins 4-2. And no, thats not the same Ronaldo that had the headline "Ronaldo has run in with prostitutes." Always nice to wake up to that.

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