Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cliff Notes: Wednesday April 30, 2008

While 90% of you were finding bugs on the new Grand Theft Auto game and 9% of you were watching American Idol, very little went on in the world of sports.

-I guess Shaq did a lot for the Suns, who got bounced from the playoffs. Let's face it, the Spurs never get talked about and they always stroll along. Maybe the Suns will finally realize that defense will get you somewhere. A little ironic that to get Shaq though, they traded their best defensive player (Shawn Marion).

-Chris Paul is sick. A triple double? What? Are you serious? And he led his team to the next round, taking out the Mavericks. Let's take the modern day PGs for a second(1990-now). In their prime, how would you rank them? Here's how I put them:

1) Steve Nash: He's Chris Paul except a better scorer and as clutch as you can be. Never won a championship though, but I would argue that his team's were vastly overrated)
2) Chris Paul: Funny thing is that he isn't even near his peak! But he's insane to watch, and his speed and scoring ability is unreal.
3) John Stockton: He was a better scorer than even I give him credit for. But I don't know, something about him just couldn't have me put him over Paul.
4) Gary Payton: He will shut you down. He had a very stellar all-around game.
5) Jason Kidd: I think he peaked about 4 times. When you thought he was down and out, he'd do something to wow you.

-Now do you believe the Sixers have a chance? That's the sound of the bangwagon crashing.

-Oh yea, and the Rockets decided to make it a series with a win against the Jazz.

-My fellow bloggers will probably be furiously posting about the Rangers loss last night. My only comment is this: I know everyone loves the goalie (Hendrik Lundqvist, doubtful I spelt it correctly), but after allowing 22 goals in 5 games, maybe its time to stop drinking the love juice for him. See you next year Rangers, cause your not coming back.

-Okay, so Yankee land has learned that Posada is out for a little less than what they thought and A-Rod is out a little longer than what they thought. Look, I never thought you should give an upper 30's catcher a four-year deal, but this is what your going to get. This was the first time Posada was on the DL, and this won't be the last. As for A-Rod, he's had the most mirage of a season.You look at his stats and go "Okay, he's been solid." But if you watch the games, you know otherwise. But he's still A-Rod, and he will still ht 40 HRs. Enjoy Morgan Ensberg!

-Damn you John Smoltz! I trade a good outfielder for a closer in my fantasy baseball league, and now you might come back form the disabled list as a closer. Damn you and making me draft you thinking that your a young 40! Sorry, had to rant.

-The "Why the hell is this pitcher still playing baseball yet doing well" award for today goes to Joel Piniero. You have no business with an ERA under 10.

-The "Why the hell is this pitcher still in the majors and getting saves" award goes to Eric Gagne, who somehow has 8 saves. Shave your stupid beard Gagne!

-What to watch for tonight: I'll give you two. Hawks visit the Celtics. If the Hawks win, I might buy a Mookie Blaylock jersey. And second, Dana Eveland and Ervin Santana square off in a "Loser will be dropped by everyone who was stupid enough to pick them up in fantasy baseball" matchup.


Crump Man said...

I agree that trading Shawn Marion was a bad move because

1) Shaq is only going to get worse, especially his defense

2) Marion is great

BUT, Shaq is not at all to blame for losing that series! He averaged over 15 points-9 rebounds in this series, which is great.

They lost because they choked in some point of every game.

Game 1 they allowed Duncan to hit a WIDE OPEN 3.

Game 2 and 3 they blew leads, one at halftime and one in the 4th.

Game 5 was a mess. Nash choked down the stretch giving up 4 TOs in the last 2 minutes.

For last nights loss I totally blame D'Antoni. Why do they keep giving the ball to Diaw in the post!?! Diaw isn't that good, and even with the mismatch with Ginobli, he still can't hit big shots. Give it to Nash and let him shoot, he's a proven shooter.

The Sherm said...

Shaq disrupted the team though. I didnt feel there was a need for him.

Shaq is not Shaq anymore. He is a shadow of himself. With him in, it slows the game down. Yes, he's a great rebounder. But if your a fast, spread 'em out, wide open team, Shaq is not the answer.

They need to think about bringing some defensive guys in during the offseason. Because there's obviously talent there.

Crump Man said...

Yeah, if they leave Shaq and let him do what he does and then bring in a strictly defensive guy, they will be great.

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