Friday, April 1, 2011

The Most Maddening March Madness Ever

It's been a wild ride so far.

The first play-in team has made it past the first round.

All 4 Number 1 seeds have been sent packing.

Butler, again, has found a way to make it to the Final 4.

And now we're here- with only 3 games left to play until 1 team is crowned national champions.

How much crazier can it get? Here are your expert picks for this weekend. Bet wisely my friends, bet wisely:

Uconn +2.5

How on god's green earth can you bet against Kemba. Time and time again, since the beginning of the Big East tournament this guy has been unstoppable. Not only is he racking up massive amounts of points per game, but he's making his supporting cast ridiculous. I don't want to take anything away from Kentucky, they've been playing some amazing basketball, knocking off Ohio State and UNC respectively. Brandon Knight is playing out of his mind right now, but I still don't trust any team that comes out of the SEC, sorry guys, I'm from NJ, I live on Big East Basketball.

This game will be heartwrenchngly close (do you expect anything less?), thus the reason you have to take Uconn with the points. Calipari v Calhoun- I can't wait.

Final Score- Uconn 74 Kentucky 70

Butler ML

VCU what can you say about you?? You squeaked into the tournament with the new play-in style and knocked off powerhouses Georgetown, Purdue, Florida State, and finally Kansas. Nobody in the country even knew who you were 2 weeks ago, and look at you now.

Now that I'm done praising VCU I'll explain why you pick Butler in this game.

Butler finds ways to win. Plain and simple. With pipsqueak coach Brad Stevens at the healm, this team has a good shot of winning the whole thing (see 2010 Duke v Butler championship game). This coach is a phenom- 2nd year Butler coach, and already 2 final 4s. I truly believe coaching is everything and I couldn't pick the VCU coach out of a lineup.

VCU has gone on amazing run, but it ends this weekend. The week off will hurt them and they will finally come down to earth.

I don't see how you can bet against Butler after seeing a repeat of what happened last year, although the spread is a bit scary. Spend the money-take the money line, you don't want to get screwed by a buzzer beater.

Final score Butler 71-VCU 69

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Deron R. Pope said...

It's pretty simple; the game hinges on VCU's shooting. If they hit 3's, they win, if not, they lose. That being said, this has been one the strangest tournaments I’ve ever seen. VCU/Butler will be a historic game, two unranked teams in a Final Four game. This occurrence says a lot about college basketball today, anyone can win it all.

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