Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Favorite Ballpark Seats

I love going to baseball games. As a fan, nothing excites me more than sitting down in my seat and taking it all in. Each time I go to a ballpark, it is a new experience for me.

Now, the average fan can’t afford to sit in the first row behind home plate. But there are plenty of great seats in a stadium, and I take a closer look into my favorite seats.

-The Right Field Bleachers

Most ballparks have some type of bleacher seats. Some are pretty deep in (Fenway Park) while others are really high up (Citi Field). But 85% of the excitement from these seats is catching a home run. I’ve never caught a home run before, but I feel like it would be an amazing achievement to do so. The key is to sit about 5-6 rows back in the bleachers, because you not only have the best chance to catching a long ball, but you also get an elevated perspective of the game. Another tip is to get to the ballpark about two hours before the game for batting practice, because you have a very good chance of getting balls hit your way.

-Field Level in between the foul polls and either first or third base.

Obviously any chance you get to sit Field Level is a golden one, but not every seat gets the job done. But if you are an autograph seeker or just enjoy watching warmups, this seat is for you. Most players don’t sign before games, but just being able to watch their interactions is a joy. I’d also use these seats to get to the ballpark about an hour before the game. Once you are in the Field Level, most teams let you roam around. So I’d highly recommend using this time to sneak down by the field and hopefully get your favorite player’s attention. And of course, once it is game time, you get an awesome perspective of the entire field.

-Third Deck right behind home plate

While being three decks up turns some away, this might be the best seat to watch a baseball game. You can see everything to perfection. No one is blocking up, you are elevated to the perfect height, and there is also a chance to catch a foul ball. These seats are normally one of the best values too. A Camden Yards, you can spend on average about $22 for one of these seats, as opposed to sitting in the second deck by the left field foul pole (A tough seat to see a game), spending $45.

-First row of field level, behind home plate

Fine, I had to throw this in here because I was lucky to sit in this seat for a game. There really is nothing like it. Forget about the fact that you are on the field. But you sit there with your jaw wide open, watching every single pitch as if it was Game 7 of the World Series. You can see the spin on the ball, the velocity of the pitches, and can feel the crack of the bat. When a foul ball comes to the back of the netting, you almost get whip lash from how hard it comes at you. Honestly, as weird as it sounds, you can’t even follow the actual game because you get completely caught up in everything else. But this seat is truly breath taking and completely changes your experience at a ballpark.

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