Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Top 5...Players I Would Not Want my Team Playing Against

I'll just go through each sport. Feel free to post your own lists.

5.Roy Halladay-Fearless pitcher.
4.Johan Satana
3.Mariano Rivera-Last season was one of his best.
2.Albert Pujols
1.Manny Ramirez-I hate how he plays the game, but I don't want to pitch to him in a big spot.

5.Ed Reed-All over the field
4.DeMarcus Ware
3.Adrian Peterson
2.Brian Westbrook-I pray he doesn't take a screen pass 70 yards.
1.Peyton Manning-I know he's gotten flack for some playoff losses. But he's still the best.

5.Paul Pierce-In the final two minutes, he takes over.
4.Chris Paul
3.Dewayne Wade
2.Kobe Bryant
1.Lebron James-He's done more then Kobe and with a lot less.

5.Mario Lemieux-Even if he came back, I still don't want to see him
4.Evgeni Malkin
3.Jarome Iginla
2.Sidney Crosby
1.Alex Ovechkin-How was he not an All-Star starter?

5.Emmanuel Adebayor-He could probably play RB in the NFL.
4.Robinho-Has really taken his game to the next level.
3.Steven Gerrard
2.Fernando Torres
1.Cristiano Ronaldo-Yes, make that 5 Premier League players. But its the only league I watch. Who would not pick Ronaldo?


Xavier Hutchinson said...

My Top 5's

5. Cole Hamels - World Series MVP says enough
4. David Ortiz - It pains me to admit it, but in his prime/healthy, he's the best clutch hitter in the game
3. Mark Teixeira - Thank god the Yanks won't have to face him this year. I'll never forget his 9th inning grand slam off of Edwar Ramirez last August...hopefully we see more of the same in pinstripes.
2. Johan Santana - So tough in a big game.
1. Albert Pujols - One word: frightening

5. Ray Lewis - He is murdering psychopath who moonlights as a professional football player
4. Brian Dawkins - Ball-hawker and hard-hitter. Most safeties do one thing well, he does both superbly
3. Leon Washington - Capable of a big play whenever he touches the ball
2. Adrian Peterson - A throwback...he runs hard, gets 30 carries per game, and makes big plays
1. Tom Brady - You never, ever, ever want him to have the ball with under 2 minutes and a chance to win the game.

5. Kevin Garnett - No one is more hard-working and intimidating
4. Baron Davis - He can do everything from the point guard position
3. Dwyane Wade - Domiant.
2. Kobe Bryant - More dominant.
1. LeBron James - Most dominant.

5. Henrik Lundqvist - He is one of, if not THE best goaltender in the world
4. Evgeni Malkin - He's better than Crosby, who is nowhere near my top 5
3. Daniel Briere - He always scores in big spots, big games...when healthy
2. Pavel Datsyuk - Best player on the best team...explosive
1. Alex Ovechkin - No debate here

5. Tim Howard - Shout out to an American! I think Howard is a world-class goalkeeper...capable of stealing a game, as he proved last Junw when the U.S. pulled off an unlikely 0-0 draw against Argentina
4. Cesc Fabregas - Fantastic playmaker who can make the killer pass or score from 30 yards out
3. John Terry - Best lockdown central defender in the world
2. Alessandro Del Piero - There ARE other leagues aside from the Premiership, lest we forget. Del Piero is a little past his prime, but is still a deadly striker
1. Cristiano Ronaldo - Again, there is not much room for debate on this one. Even non-soccer fans can see and appreciate Ronaldo's dominance, and how easy he makes it look.

Chris said...

Have to correct both of you here in the Soccer category. Lionel Messi is clearly in the top 5. And also, Manny Ramirez HAS to make the baseball list

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Thank god the Yanks won't have to face him this year
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